About Lucas







“It’s rare to find someone who can help you operate with more love, but simultaneously more wisdom. Lucas is that guy, and I’m grateful to have him in my corner. His unique ability to listen, connect and inspire continue to help me and our people grow as high performers.”

-Dave Roberts, LA Dodgers Manager

“Having worked with many coaches, Lucas is a diamond. Lucas’s style of listening deeply yet pushing hard has helped us reach incredible results. He will reach the parts of you and your team that other business coaches can’t.”

-Simon Leslie, Ink Global, CEO



-Raul Ibanez - Senior Vice President, MLB

“If you are looking to get the most out of yourself, look no further than Lucas Jadin. In just a few conversations, Lucas can help transform your life. He masterfully asks the right questions while teaching you the concepts and the tools to unlock your true potential.”

-John Zimmerman, Wells Fargo Bank President

“Lucas has helped me and so many people in our company thrive.  Because of our relationship and his talent, the personal growth I’ve experienced in the last 12 months has been more than I’ve experienced in the last 15 years.  I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be where I’m at professionally and personally without Lucas - I’m grateful for his guidance and wisdom on this journey.”                    

“My work with Lucas has been life-altering both personally and professionally. I have grown more in three years than I did in 10. I owe so much of what I do, how I do it, and why I do it because of working with Lucas. If you or your team want to be great, Lucas is the master at helping you unlock it.”

-Mike Ulanski, Sales Training Manager, Stryker Medical

Lucas helped me discover myself at a level I didn’t know possible.  I am grateful and very thankful for the time I have had with Lucas and I look forward to continuing the relationship we have built.

To me, Lucas is a teacher that runs a one-on-one masterclass in leadership and self-awareness.  I co-founded a growing $5+ billion equity investment firm and Lucas has helped me navigate my path from being 'a' leader towards being 'the' leader.  I value his counsel and his talent in pushing/challenging me at the right times.  As I have relentless pulls on my time as an owner and father, Lucas drives me to be more intentional in how I concentrate my energies and time.  He has this powerful ability to distill complexities in work, family, and life into simple yet profound components.  His curiosity and support are unique - conversations with him leave me feeling like I just completed a workout... I get this renewed sense of energy, perspective, and clarity to be a better father, husband, and leader.    

-Dr. Judy Baseman, Superintendent Appleton Area School District

-George Lombard, Detroit Tigers, Bench Coach

-Krist Hilmer, Arbonne Regional Vice President

“Lucas Jadin has literally changed my life. Since our time together, my business has grown to new heights and so did my life! Lucas doesn’t just deliver training. He creates a transformational experience.”

-Gabe Ribas, LA Dodgers Pitching Development Coordinator

“I originally sought out Lucas for specific work in the area of leadership and management, but what I discovered is that Lucas’s training has touched every area of my life personally and professionally. Lucas has empowered me and our team with tangible strategies that allow us to have clarity of thought no matter what the circumstances present.   Lucas has helped me access joy that I have seldom experienced across all parts of my life.   Working with Lucas has been truly transformative.”  

Lucas’s most recent book, “The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams”, was an instant bestseller in high-performance coaching.  His work with elite business leaders and world champions has appeared on CNN, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated.

Lucas Jadin helps people and business teams maximize performance through mental skills, leadership development, and culture development. With stories and engaging dialogue, Lucas helps people in competitive environments use mental skills as their X-factor.        

"Lucas has been training our team of over 70 administrators for the past three years. His ability to connect and engage with bour leaders both as individuals and as a group is unmatched. He has an excellent pulse on what our leaders need to take us to the next level as an organization. In addition, Lucas has also served as a personal coach to me as superintendent and has been a supportive, intuitive guide throughout the most challenging year of my entire career."    

-Justin Nyweide, HMI Capitol, Founding Partner and co-CIO